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Ace of Haze/Style of Ace

Ace of Haze/Style of Ace is a premier upcoming fashion and styling boutique. The logo was designed to push a bold and fashion forward look that would suit any item of clothing no matter the color or material. Simple from a distance yet complex up close, the Ace of Haze/Style of Ace logo will catch your eye and hold your gaze.

A word… a thought… a symbol.  Your logo embodies your creative energies and presents them to the masses. What will your symbol say to others? What do you represent? What do you have to offer?

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By the Bay

By the Bay logo is reminiscent of the first memory you had of your favorite birthday cake. It invokes a feeling of being offered that freshly baked cookie with your initial on it. The cool and alternating colors are joyous and celebratory while the intricate line work harkens to piping stylish designs on a cake or cookie.

Not only shapes but colors are important to design. They are used to set a mood, provoke a thought pattern, stand out or fade into the background. A good color scheme can be imperative to branding your product. You will be thought of wherever that color is present.

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